M2 Technology

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M2 Technology was built on a foundation of designing and developing technology that supports a range of high quality, feature rich call management devices for the Telecommunications industry.

Whether it be hardware or software application, M2 Technology designs products that fit into a niche section of the market. Good examples of our work can be found in every Telstra Exchange across Australia. Our Hardware – the MCA 600 – has been managing on hold and RVA for CustomNet customers for over twenty years!

The foundation of M2 Technology is based on the development, supply and support of cutting edge, market leading call management solutions. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years, and we’re only just getting started.




Once known as the complete call management platform, the Flexicall Manager / FCM2 suite of products are now at end of life.

Modern technology now ensures that new telephone systems incorporate many of the features previously provided by the M2 Technology Products.

IVR & Audio message products are now available through our M2 On Hold portal and the e-SMS software is also available as a stand alone product.


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Compact II

M2 Technology’s Compact II is an all-in-one digital call management system specifically tailored for small and medium sized businesses.

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Desktop SMS (e-SMS)

E-SMS is a desktop SMS software program that allows you to send SMS’s straight from your desktop.

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