Is The Cloud Safe For Your Business?

Is The Cloud Safe For Your Business?

The full story is still unfolding, however what remains clear is that Apple’s iCloud was compromised. It seems that the accounts may have been compromised some time ago and stored online, and that possibly a second group may have gained access to the pictures via a first group of hackers.

While you may not have the profile of a Hollywood celebrity, the issue of storing sensitive documents, whether they’re potentially compromising photographs or business documents on the internet is something that could heavily impact on your business.

Apple’s iCloud system may have contributed to the current scandal in a couple of key ways that aren’t all that hard to avoid if you’re careful.

Specifically, Apple’s designed iCloud to be as low-fuss as possible, and in one sense this is very good policy. Far too few of us carefully back up our photos and documents as it is, and it only takes one data disaster to realise how valuable actual offsite backup can be.

That being said, the single-click install of iCloud assumes that you’re going to want to back up just about everything, and that might not suit you.

It appears that the accounts may have been hacked via the password reset feature of iCloud, and here there’s another opportunity for you to add an extra layer of security. Most password reset systems (iCloud or not) use basic memory questions to verify your identity. Asking for your mother’s maiden name, the first car you owned, that kind of thing.

So if you’re stuck with a question like “What is your favourite colour”, there’s no reason to choose anything from the actual colour spectrum. Tell the system that your favourite colour is “Woolworths” and then you’re set, because you’ve choose an answer that no hacker is likely to guess.

Encrypting your documents is another level of security that you should consider, especially if you’re storing business documents in the cloud.

If you encrypt your data before sending it to the cloud, then you’ve hugely improved your overall security, because even if your account were to be compromised, your actual documents, whatever they are, will be useless to the hacker without a decryption key.

No system will ever be 100% secure, but that’s a very good way to lock out all but the most determined hacker.

If your company is still relying on an archaic hard drive backup system then it’s time to upgrade!

Because like all technology, it’s not a question of if it will eventually fail — it’s just a question of when.

Our cloud hosting service will offer you the ideal way to maximise the benefits of the cloud.

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