Moving Office Tips

Moving Office Tips

Some questions you should ask yourself when planning the move include:

Who do I need to inform of the changes?

If you have end users relying on your network to function, you will need to keep them updated on how your changes will affect them. You should advise your staff if your network will be down at any point and how they should prepare for the changes taking place.

How will I back up my data?

It is essential that you back up all your data before making any moves to relocate your system. Even if you plan your shift to-a-T, you can’t account for everything and you need to ensure your data is safe. We suggest you back it up via multiple sources, including the cloud and removable media options.

Can my network afford to be down at any point?

If you can’t avoid for your network to be down during the move, you will need to install a duplicate system in your new location and ensure it is running perfectly prior to turning off your old server and equipment. Otherwise, if you can afford to turn off your network while you move, you need to ensure the boot sequence diagnostics and control-panel settings are the same before and after reinstallation. Your servers and NICs should be tested by “pinging” are remote host and your workstations and network media should be tested by “pinging” them from various locations within the network. You will need to have someone responsible for turning off the old system and turning on the new system at the appropriate times.

How much cable do I need and where do I need power outlets installed? 

Don’t assume that your new set up will be the same as in your old office. You will need a new layout and need to plan for it. You should also take into account the power supply available in your new building and whether it is of sufficient strength for your current network to run properly.

How should I transport my equipment?

The safe and professional transport of your IT equipment isn’t something you should leave to chance. You will need to arrange for a table on wheels to be present, in order to safely transport between the respective offices and the truck. Within the truck, you should secure your equipment with shipping blankets and cushioning. You should also ensure your devices are not stacked precariously, and are only stacked a couple of devices high. Magnetic fields and motors should be stored away from devices and backup media to prevent information loss.

How will I ensure the quick reassembly of my network?

One tip that we find often helps with assembly is to leave all cables connected to devices during the move, ensuring they are not lost or confused with other cables. You should also ask all staff to label the cables with what peripheral device they were previously attached to, so the peripheral devices can efficiently be reattached.

The final item to take into consideration is whether you have someone on call to troubleshoot any problems, if your network fails to start upon relocation. This is where M2 Digital comes in. We have the knowledge and professionalism required to resolve any issues you may have during the moving process and can guide you during any step along the way. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you, whether it is with network relocation or any other IT requirement.